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“Just want to say thank you for the impact you make on Noah. Out of Boris’s announcement all Noah said was yes fun zone club is back!” – Noah’s mum.

Fun Zone is a FREE session that is fully founded by BBC Children in Need.

What we aim to achieve in Fun Zone is a fun environment for all children with additional needs.

We support children from the age of 5-18 on a weekly basis and sessions include Baking, Crafts, Music, Board Games, Mixed sports, Connects such as Lego and games where children can play together or alongside one another.

Fun Zone is a high staffed club with a wide range of qualifications and experienced staff which enables young people to gain the best from our sessions, to gain social skills and interact with other children that may face the same challenges as they do on a day to day basis.

We aim for all children to have fun and enjoy their time here at the centre.

We aim for small groups creating an environment that everyone can fit into, our aim is to let children be themselves and encourage play and self-learning and staff support to everyone.

We are a child lead group which means we love children to input on what they like to do and enjoy!

Young Boy Playing
Young girl Fun Zone