Online & Outreach Work

Collage of Four Children

The advent of online clubs provides many opportunities and exciting benefits for kids.

Children can stay connected with staff from the centre and their peers as well as keep engaged with the clubs, which provide fun, engaging and fun learning opportunities.

Our online clubs currently are online bingo and craft club. The online clubs have been a directly set up to ensure we can keep actively involved with children through the pandemic.

We have also distributed hundreds of packs to support children and families to keep them engaged and spend time together as a family. As the world changes so do we, our online and outreach work will change in accordance to what we think our children and families need.

“Massive thank you to the Team at High Street Centre for Imogen’s summer pack. The highlight of the Summer receiving slime in the post. A lovely thoughtful gesture.” – Imogen’s Mum


“Amazing… Thank you so much for the Packs.” – Leo’s Mum

Online Snowman
Online Bingo
Online Crafts

“The picture trails have been amazing, so many people in the community have enjoyed them every time we went to the park we saw children running around looking for the next picture. It’s been something to look forward to in dark times when everything’s been shut, we’ve had an outdoor activity. It’s encouraged people to go out and get fresh air even on cold days when we might have stayed in. Absolutely fantastic idea. My son’s favourite week was Peppa week he got so excited to see his favourite characters in the park. He’s not socialised with other children since October so I think TV and book characters have been the closest thing to friends he’s had, same as a lot of other children. Thank you for doing something that’s cheered up so many people.” – Robin’s Mummy