Volunteering makes a difference!

There are many benefits to volunteering and we value all our volunteers as they really do make a positive contribution to our community centre. Being a volunteer allows you to learn new skills and engage in positive experiences in a professional and personal manner. Our volunteer programme also exposes you to a range of workplace activities which will equip you for the skills you need to impress any future employer.

However volunteering isn’t just about learning new skills, it also helps promote your social and emotional health. You feel a sense of belonging, you can make friends and more than likely you are going to enjoy what you are doing. Not only are you volunteering to help the community you are volunteering to help yourself. We have a well equip volunteering programme that caters for all, friendly experienced staff who care and lots of groups that needs someone just like you, so if you are thinking of volunteering please give us a ring.

Volunteer Hollie

Hollie’s story, age 25

Hollie came to volunteer with us as part of her University degree many years ago. Hollie was a big asset to our setting and we still remember and talk about her now. She made a big impact on the groups she supported and really gave it her all. She was part of the team and through her passion and enthusiasm she got to acquire more skills as she was given more responsibility which would only benefit her more in the future. We are now please to hear that Hollie has settled into a career she loves.

“I volunteered with HSC back in 2015 as part of my Sociology Degree. During my time I was involved in supporting the mother and toddler group, after school club, charity events, working with vulnerable adults and a lunch club for the elderly struggling with isolation. With the support of the team from Leomi and Nicola I was able to develop a range of skills and practices that I now currently use in my career as a Wellbeing officer in a local secondary school. It was a pleasure to be part of a growing, creative and supporting team.” – Hollie

Volunteer Maureen

Maureen’s story, age 74

Maureen has been volunteering at Playgroup for the past 14 years. She has seen many children come and go in that time but one thing is for certain that Maureen has made a positive impact on all the children. The children love Maureen she plays with them, she makes crafts with them and the most favourite of the children’s is she sings with them. Every playgroup needs a Maureen and we are very lucky to have her.

“I love kids, kids learn a lot through playgroup and I like to be part of it. It does me as much good as it does them just getting out every Wednesday and seeing everybody I really enjoy it.” – Maureen

Volunteer Olivia

Olivia’s story, age 16

Olivia first came to us as a student at RCS to gain some childcare experience alongside her studies. After finishing her placement she decided to carry on with us in her spare time. She quickly became part of our team and still is! Olivia is now a student at College her dream is to become a Midwife and we wish her all the very best. She still comes along to support our children in the holidays and we always look forward to seeing her and catching up with how her career is going. Olivia is a role model volunteer who has been an asset to Activate.

“I first started at the high street for my childcare volunteering at school. This helped me realise that I wanted to go into health and social care later on in life. The best part of the High Street was seeing all the children’s happy faces when they was there. Seeing children happy made me have a smile on my face. Volunteering really helped me with my confidence. Also the staff at High Street are amazing and welcoming.” – Olivia